The Story Of Silkhooks (Silkekrogen®)

wp95a9eb9b_0fDuring winters spent in Turkey, Danish fisherman Bjarne Larsen and his wife Sonja were intrigued to see Turkish fishermen catching garfish with pieces of silk taken from the flexes of old electric kettles tied into a loop, and used instead of a hook. They decided to develop the idea using loops of coloured silk thread, called it Silkekrogen (Silkhook in English) and discovered that they were much more effective at catching garfish than conventional hooks. At first the silkhooks were made by hand in Turkey, but as the idea took off and sales increased, it became necessary to devise a machine to make the hooks, and production has recently moved to Denmark.

Silkhhooks are very popular amongst Danish fishermen, where the garfish season is comparatively short, and are also used in Germany and other continental countries as well as in the Far East.

6-PACKSilkhooks are supplied in packs of 10 pieces, in six different colours. Individual hooks can be re-used to catch several fish, and the different colours are useful for adapting to different sea and lighting conditions. You can buy them direct from us online.