Why catch garfish?

Garfish are great fun to catch, they put up a good fight, and if using a silkhook, can be released back into the sea without harm to the fish, or put in the bag to bring home for a tasty supper.wp582c252c_0f

Where can I catch garfish?

Garfish can be caught in shallow waters around the British Isles from a pier, from the beach, from rocks or from a boat. They are migratory fish, and the best time to catch them is in the spring to the early summer months.


Do I need a licence?

No licence is currently required for sport fishing in either UK or Irish saltwater.

What tackle do I need?

As garfish rarely weigh more than a couple of pounds they can be caught on light tackle. An 8 to 10ft spinning rod with 3 to 4lb line is best. The silkhook is attached to the line with a swivel clip. If fishing from a slowly moving boat, a small amount of weight is needed to keep the silkhook below the surface. If shore fishing, use a small float and enough weight to enable casting but not sink the float.

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