What are Silkhooks?

Silkhooks are the amazing new environmentally friendly way to catch garfish. They are made from many strands of fine coloured silk tied into a loop. The fish are attracted to the bright colours, and the strands of silk become entangled in the garfishes’ teeth.

For those of us concerned about conservation, as we should all be, the fish can be released unharmed from the silkhook (if not required for the pot) and returned to the sea. When caught on conventional hooks, most garfish die on being released back into the sea, as the damage to the fishes mouth is too great for them to recover.

Why use Silkhooks?

Silkhooks give a much greater catch rate than conventional hooks, as less fish escape. For the sport fisherman, the fish can be released unharmed after removing the threads. Silkhooks are completely safe for young fishermen.

We are the sole UK agents for Silkhooks, the ingenious and environmentally friendly Danish invention.